I like to build things. It gives me satisfaction and frustration at the same time and the building process consume enormous amounts of time and energy.

Here are some samples of more or less active projects.

Anax modular web framework

A PHP-based modular web framework for educational and personal usage. The source is available on GitHub Canax, automatic builds is done on Travis, all modules are published and available from Packagist and you can use them through anax/anax.

There are modules for request, response, dependency injection, router, view collection, databas query builder and active record pattern and more. Together they form a framework to build websites and webservices.

Cimage and img.php

A tool to dynamic crop and resize images for web usage.

It is a PHP-script img.php which turns img/me.png into the possibiblity to write image/me.png?width=400&height=300&crop-to-fit to process images on the fly. It is a programmers way of cropping images for the web and it includes caching and optimization techniques.

The source and issues are on GitHub, it is available from Packagist as mos/cimage, chat and support is on Gitter, documentation and usage is on the website

Desinax modules for building themes

Desinax is a CSS framework which consists of a collection of LESS modules used to create a theme for a website. Mainly used for education and personal usage.

The frameworks lives on GitHub.

I am in particular proud of the modules enabling a vertical grid and a typographic grid.

The site

A swedish community website for web developers. Mainly used for educational purpose but all material is freely available.

Check out the site at There is also a GitHub organisation for dbwebb-se with a lot of source code behind the concept of dbwebb such as the source for the website and source for courses and infrastructure tools for teaching.

YouTube channel for dbwebb

I am also a tad proud of how we built up the youtube channel dbwebb for streaming and producing videos for learning about web development. It is based on a low cost production environment but it feels satisfactory as is.

Producing videos is fun.